Aurron225 gives Approval for a Remake.Edit

In 2014, Aurron225 gave 47D the approval to remake his Abridged series. Stating that

"As much as we'd like to continue with it (we already had some ideas for episodes 13 & 14); it's likely not going to happen. Given that; if you feel you want to take a crack at it then by all means we wish you all the best! It can be a lotta fun to make them." 

47D wanted to keep Original versions, and kept Episode 3 to 10 the same. ( except for a few edits. )  

Remake of the episodesEdit

Episode 1, 2, 11, and 12 are gone, So 47D decided to remake them as similar to the original version as posisble. Sadly, he hadn't seen the Original version since 2008. So he was only able to put in a hand full of jokes from the Original version. 

Episode one- It was all voice by 47D, & is a problem that Aurron225 complain about. 

Episode two-  It was again voice mostly by 47D, except for one Unknown voice actor. The extra person play Kairi.

Episode three to ten-  They were not remade. However, the Opening Song was remade by 47D. (It uses the same song & video, but with a slightly better quality video & xtra scenes.) The Ending song is brand new made by 47D. (The song is called "Lost Words" from Naruto ending 9 )

Epidode eleven to eighteen- Unlike Episode one and two; Episode 10 is going to have multiple voice actors. 47D was originally going to do a Chain of Memories Abridged as well, but later decidd against it.