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Sora stars as the main character and is voiced by Shuyin104. He travels around in then Gummi Ship, when hes not eating it with Donald Duck and Goofy. Even through his stupidity and short attention span he has shown quailitys of being a good leader and a powerful wielder of the Keyblade and Sora often has little knowledge of what's going on around him, and often has to be filled in by surrounding characters and seems to be selfish and only think of himself. He has shown to be very easily lead expecially from adverts. In the most recent episode Sora has been shown to be violent when it comes to people singing at him such as Oogie Boogie. Along with Cloud, Sora has a hated of the Weapon Store and thinks the weapons there are useless and the shop itself is dangerous.

He becomes easily frustrated and has a very short attention span, leading him to say random and irrelevant things, which normaly result in him being slapped or punched. Frequently used quotes include: That makes perfect sense and more frequently God Damnit!.

Riku is Sora's best friend and shown by the episodes and the comment special, they might have a gay relationship and he doesnt seem to mind too much that Riku is evil and has joined Malificent rather than join him to help him save Kairi.

Kairi annoys Sora and he treats her badly but still thinks of her as his boyfriend comparing her to a "ugly bird ripping apart a live fish" and after she went to the island Riku and Sora want to hide her away in the cave until there voices break but just after they say this, there voices do break.